Le Muscat de Frantignan


This is a very special grape
It is shriveling like a raisin with a fungus growth known as Botritis or also known Noble Rot
The sweet golden juices are pressed to make a Noble Late Harvest Wine they are
harvested late in the picking season these grapes are matured in oak the whole process take 4 years
It is The Mystical Vin de Constance once drunk by Napoleon Bonaparte
The wine was collected by 2 French officers to be shipped to St Helena Island between 1815 to 1821 when Napoléon died
This wine is still made as it was then by Klein Constantia Wine Estate

The 1996 release sells for over R 9000 per bottle so this is an investment wine
Other people of note that have drank Vin de Constance
Are :
Charles Dickens
Jane Austin
Frederick the Great
Otto von Bismark
More recently
Nelson Mandela
Guide me Cape Town takes you there
join me !!!!

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