Meerkats with Guide me Cape Town


Just oustide Oudtshoorn in this beautiful arid region of the Karoo
You can witness the behavioural habits of these cute scratching, nervously, fidgeting cute creatures
The best way to see them
is done early in the morning at 6 am
Our meerkat expert has it all prepared
Fold up chairs
Blankets as it can get really cold sometimes
Piping hot
Moer Coffee (strong chicory based farm coffee) and rusks
was served
We mingled with people from all over the world
We sat and waited as the sun rose and the temperature started to rise
The Meerkats come out from an amazing network of tunels that covers huge areas taking generations of Meerkats lifes to create
Did you know
that Meerkats are
Immune to snake and scorpion bites
Our seriously knowledgeable guide explained their social habits & behavioural activities
A great experience lasting about 2 hours
This was great I would do it again
“Its another world out there”

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