5 photographic tips

Do you ever come back from a holiday with photos that fail to capture the beauty of your destination? Here are my five top tips for taking magazine-worthy travel pictures.
  1. Use your aperture – a big f-stop number is perfect for landscapes, while a small f-stop number is good for separating subject from background.
  2. Remember the rule of thirds: place your subject vertically or horizontally in the one-third or two-thirds spots in the viewfinder for stronger composition.
  3. Polarisers are great for sky, water, cars, glass or any reflective surface.
  4. If your subject has eyes, focus on them. They’re the most compelling element of any close-up composition.
  5. Shooting from shoulder height is so ho-hum. Get down on your haunches or up on a chair to get a more interesting viewpoint.

Source: Getaway.co.za webletter, 29/10/2009. Evan Haussmann.
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