A brilliant Medical Tour at Groote Schuur hospital for Guide Me Cape Town the 1st Heart transplant The Heart Museum

I recently had an educational tour with a group from the CTGA (Cape Town Tour Guide Association) which I am a member). It was fantastic tour
Guided by Christine. Heidenrich

At the entrance (reception)
Was a collage of Chris Barnard
His medical team as well a reproduction of the 1st donor scene Of the accident (Denise Darvall
Christine proceeded to take us on a walk in the museum in the footsteps of Dr Christiaan Barnard &his medical team that changed history Here the story is told on that fateful
Day of 3rd December 1967

On the corridors were many informations like
The famous peoples Dr Barnard met
Letters from around the world
His medical team
The 100 new hearts picture
When Dr Barnard transplanted the heart of the deceased Denise Darvall into the fatally ill Louis Washkansky & changed medical history forever

Christine managed to knit together the
science & soul of the 1st human
Heart transplant
What made it a media frenzy
The glory
The criticism
The controversy
The 1st kidney & liver transplant
The ethical question
The local drama surrounding the event itself
The strong story line which was gripping re- telling how the donor was struck near the hospital The showing of a film showing the
Behind the scenes & the emotional side of Christiaan Barnard

Also was the actual operating theaters amazingly re created
Christine explained in detail the events leading as well as the operation

For those who have not visited the museum don’t miss it

Daniel Sidis

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